January 10, 2009

Inaugural - times two

Everyone knows of the upcoming presidential inauguration, but very few know there was a second inaugural event this month: that of using my snowshoes.

Linds, Nate and Sam H. and I went snowshoeing today. It was the first time the snowshoes I bought about a year ago touched "real" snow.

We took the Corner Mountain trail in Medicine Bow National Forest just west of Centennial, Wyo. It was cold and windy and consequently a short trip. It didn't matter - at least I got them out and I was so excited! So much so that I told Linds and Nate I felt like I should crack a bottle of champagne over them.

We followed up the trip with lunch at the Beartree in Centennial, which is quickly becoming a must-stop when I'm out that way.

This was just the first of many outings I plan to take.

The trailhead...

The Hoyts...
Me and Linds...

Me - the happy snowshoe-er...


  1. Yay, Kimberly. I'm glad you finally got them out into the snow. It looks like there's plenty of snow there, too. It sounds like it was a fun weekend. I didn't know if you had gone to Estes Park or not.

  2. I believe the picture of us is right after you clocked my baby belly. Poor Romy! L.


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