October 5, 2008

Fall Outing

Every fall in D.C., I would drag people out to a Virginia apple orchard for a day of country fun.

Yesterday, a few friends here helped me keep the tradition alive at a nearby pumpkin patch.

After swinging by the Cheyenne Farmer's Market we set off for a patch just over the Colorado border. It was a simple place - no hayrides, pumpkin cannons, mazes, or merchandise. Just pumpkins. And lots of them!

I didn't go too crazy - sticking with only three orange pumpkins and two white ones.

But from the looks of the back of my car, you'd wonder if we left any for other pickers...

A big draw at the farmer's market are the freshly roasted chili peppers. They cook them in what looks like an old lottery ball machine and you can smell them smokin' all through downtown...

The finished product. A bag of these babies is tucked away in my freezer...

Um...I'm not real sure what saloon girls and cowboys have to do with farmer's markets...but sure!

Me with my bounty...


  1. We went to the Pumpkin Patch this Sunday too, only ours did have pumpkin cannons, mazes, hayrack rides, you name it. Ours is like an amusement park.

  2. Kimberly, I know you've always liked doing this, too. I discovered a pumpkin patch on the way to New Haven, too, so think I'll check it out. I told Kelly we need to get a picture of us at one, add yours and Stacey and Tony's and frame them all in a collage with the different states. I kind of like the white ones, too. Mike and Sherry got several of those.


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