September 11, 2008

Night Vision

There are a couple things I've observed about nights in Cheyenne...

1. How 10-11 p.m. seems to be THE time for trains to roll through town. I live really nowhere near the tracks, but you can hear them whistle and blow as loud and clear as if I lived at the Depot.

2. It always, always smells like firecrackers around here. If you didn't know better where the smell is coming from - and I don't - you would think people were setting off fireworks in their backyards every night. My guess is it's the oil refinery. But I think fireworks is a more pleasant image, so I'll just keep thinking that...

1 comment:

  1. The smell must be sulphur from something. Oh.....but I'm sure it's firecrackers:) We don't hear the trains much in our house, with the new windows. I like some of their horns, though. They change.


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