April 27, 2013

Guess who rolled over today?

It was so unexpected.  I laid her down for a nap and put her paci in the crib with her.  She saw it and started reaching for it.  

I was just impressed at first that she actually grabbed it and brought it to her mouth with such purpose and focus.  I watched her drop it close to her chest and she fished around until she found it again.  

I ran outside to get Todd so he could watch all her new tricks.  When we came back in we found her on her tummy!  

She's been able to get herself about 98 percent over, but keeps getting hung up on her arm.

Looks like we've had a break through!

In this photo, I had moved her around so she wouldn't get her feet caught up in the crib.  She's got that paci in her sights!

Yay, Rosie!

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