March 2, 2013

Once upon a child

In looking at the piles of clothes we had for Rosie before she was born we thought for sure we wouldn't have to buy a stitch until her 1st birthday.

Now that I've organized the clothes by age and have them in storage boxes and her dresser, I can see there are several holes we need to fill.

Enter the secondhand baby story Once Upon a Child.  

It's an awesome concept: people sell them their gently used baby items and they sell them to others at deeply cut prices.  There are some things I want brand new, sure, but for the most part, baby clothes don't fall into that category.  It's really hard to justify buying all brand new clothes that will be worn for only about a month.  

Rosie is in desperate need of 3-6 month-old footed sleepers, some tights, and a few long sleeved onesies.  I also have wanted to find her an Easter dress; some plain, colored onesies and a few hoodies.  

Apparently, most stores have started turning over to spring/summer wear, so I struck out on footed sleepers and long sleeved onesies.  

But I did get an Easter dress...

And some hoodies...

At Rosie's age, I really want easy zip or snap-up sleepers, but I couldn't resist these pj's with the frolicking unicorns!

A close up of those cute unicorns...

Even though it won't fit her now, I found this super cute 6-mo dress.  About that time we will be in D.C., for a friend's wedding and I just imagined Rosie romping around the nation's capitol in this (it comes with matching bloomers!)...

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