February 10, 2013

Kim of Green Gables?

I wanted so badly to be Anne of Green Gables when I was younger.

I lamented the fact my name wasn't Anne and told my family I would only answer to that.  I held a tea party with my sisters and aunts and made everything Anne and Diana would have had at tea.  My mom made me a "pioneer girl" dress that I would wear in our backyard pretending I lived during that time.  I was sad we had to use a car and not a horse and buggy...the list goes on, but you probably get the idea.  

I have easily read "Anne of Green Gables" a minimum of 15 times.  I lost count somewhere along the line.  To this day, I can recite entire scenes from the movies, which I must have watched 100+ times.  

I have been so excited for Rosie to love her too (and I'll throw Laura Ingalls Wilder in this mix as well).  I've imagined her curled up reading Anne's story for hours at a time.  With Rosie's hair becoming really red how can she not relate to Anne's plight?

My friend Linds recently gave Rosie a gift that will hopefully lay a good foundation for some future Anne-love: TWO Anne books for little girls.  

I've already started reading one to Rosie.

This is just the beginning...  

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