June 26, 2012

Water closet wonderfulness

We have bathroom walls!

And a ceiling.  And a floor!  

Very soon we will have a fully functioning upstairs bathroom that will serve as our main bathroom, as well as mine and Todd's primary powder room.  

We have been doing all the work ourselves (well, mostly Todd and some friends here and there), so projects are taking longer than they would if we hired a contractor.  

I'm proud of Todd too.  He's a regular handyman kind of guy who knows how to do the job RIGHT.  He ran all the new plumbing in there, had to replace a couple old, cracked floor joices, replace the sub floor, insulate the exterior wall (this was hired out because we did spray foam), put up a new ceiling, put in the ventilation fan and run it to the roof, he and a electrician friend finished up the electrical, and most recently...

Got dry wall up on the walls!

For a little perspective...Where Todd is standing is where the vanity (which Todd took a woodworking class to make himself) will go.  To the right of that the toilet.  Those two pipes sticking out of the wall are the hot and cold lines that will go to the claw foot tub that will run along the back wall...

That big hole in this wall is for a built-in cabinet that will be kinda Hoosier-cabinet like.  Todd will be making that himself too.  Right now, the hole opens into the master bedroom closet...

So what's left?  Mudding and taping and sanding the walls.  Laying the heated floor pad and tiling the floor. Priming and painting the wainscoting and putting it up with the baseboards. Putting the finishing touches on the vanity, and hooking the sink, toilet and tub up!  

Of course the fun stuff is yet to come too, like picking a curtain, wall color and shower curtain.  

We're so close!   

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