April 19, 2012


On April 17, I turned the big 3-5. 

It was a nice, but pretty uneventful day.  I worked in the morning and that afternoon helped Todd a little with the bathroom renovation.  We also ran a lot of errands.  So far, not very exciting sounding, huh? 

That night, though, we went to the best sushi/Asian place in town with our friends Jeff and Linda and had a great time!  I looooove sushi and curry and lettuce wraps, all of which were on the table.

For my free birthday dessert they brought out fried ice cream.  Not exactly my dessert of choice, but of course I had a bite!

Here's to an eventful year of life! 


  1. You look beautiful! Sounds like a great birthday.

  2. Hey, I posted a comment here previously! I don't know where it went. First, Happy Birthday!!!! I love quiet birthdays. There's not much that I like more than hanging out with my family and going out to dinner on my birthday. Last year we were having a hurricane and we snuggled up and watched movies and drank malibu bay breezes. lol I wouldn't have wanted to do anything else :)


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