November 21, 2011


I am now a Mrs. 

A MRS.!!

It sounds so...grown up, so...mature, so...teacher-esq.

Todd and I tied the knot in Missouri on Nov. 5., and it was perfect.  We were surrounded by family and friends and our reception was the exact vision we hoped (thanks to our families and the hard work of our team of wedding workers, a.k.a. close friends who worked their a$$es off to make it all come together!). 

We had so much fun with everyone and the backdrop of Hermann, Mo., was perfect for a fall wedding.

We were very, very happy with it all! 

And now, here we are, a married couple. 

I've been going through the process of changing my name (which is a huge pain when you have 34 years of your maiden name under your belt!).  And we've been settling in and enjoying having our lives back to normal.  There's no more planning (except menu planning for cooking and baking at home), no more crafting, no more calling caterers, trolley guys, rental places...

Just wedded bliss hanging out and getting our life (and the house) back in harmony!

And...I'm back to the ol' blog.  My updates have seriously suffered over the last many months with the miles-long wedding to do list. 

So, stay tuned for updates on our life as husband and wife! 

Mrs. K

1 comment:

  1. Your wedding was just beautiful, and personal, just like you two hoped it would be. We heard more compliments on how personal it was. are a Mrs. now, and I know you two are so happy. Enjoy every minute. . Love you both.


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