September 11, 2011

The friendly ghosts

Casper's baseball team is called the Ghosts.  Yep, just like the friendly ghost.

Since we moved to Casper two summers ago now, I've wanted to check out one of their games.  I've imagined perfect summer nights drinking a beer, eating a hotdog, listening to the crack of the bat, and cheering with other diehard small town fans for their hometown boys.  

The old song by Alabama, The Cheap Seats, pops into my head every...single...time I think of going to a Ghosts game.  

On Thursday, Todd scored free tickets from some coworkers!  We met up for beers and burgers then headed out for an all-American night on the town.  

Ok, so it wasn't the most well attended event, but the crowd that was there was very passionate about their team!  It's also an awesome field.  A nice facility...

Here they are on the field!  They played the Ogden (Utah) Raptors...

What I don't quite get is our mascot.  Why is he a purple platypus...?

Go Ghosts...!

It was the second to last game of the season and unfortunately the Raptors took 'em.

Next year, Ghosts!  

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