July 8, 2010

Happy belated 4th

I know this is several days past due, but now is the time that I have time to wish America happy birthday!

For the Fourth I spent Saturday and Sunday at Alcova lake with friends.  A couple I went to college with has a cabin there and they very graciously invited me and several others to come hang out.  Todd had to work the lake most of the time, but was able to meet up here and there to say hi.

Jonna's dad Wayne became our Lady Liberty when the boat light snapped off.  He diligently held the light until we found a fix...

This was our fix.  Medical tape.  Worked like a dream...

There were two boats of us that went out on the water for the fireworks show Sunday night.  Notice the dark boat pulled along the white one?  That's Todd pulling over one of our fleet.  Just a simple life jacket check...nothing to see here...

Jonna and her fiance Eric.  How romantic...!

Fireworks on the water!  Happy belated 4th!


  1. Your fireworks pictures came out way better than mine. What setting did you have it on? Mine was set to the firework setting even and it totally sucked!

  2. I discovered later that I had a fireworks setting on my camera too. :(

  3. Mine didn't come out good, either, Stacey. I LOVE the picture of Wayne holding the light...that's funny. So you guys were out in the dark, too. Who was driving the boat? It was really pretty, though, seeing all the other boats there on the water. You girls remember when we would go out on the boat at night in October, in Murphysboro, with the huge harvest moon, and you would be covered up with sleeping bags, staying warm? That was really fun.. There was a very long wake area there, and we had a slip at the marina. That marina is still in business and busy now.


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