May 26, 2010


I've been hardcore packing our Cheyenne house this week and last night I came across a couple interesting things.

First, was a stack of notes and papers regarding the second time my vehicle was stolen in D.C.  Yes, second.  There was a total of three times.  It was funny to see officers' names written on drink napkins - I remember very clearly that I was eating dinner with Carrie at an Asian diner when I got that call.

The other thing I stumbled across was my Colorado "book."  In D.C., I had the D.C. "book" where I kept a collection of ideas for restaurants, bars, shopping, events, outdoor activities, etc.  Friends looking for fresh ideas of where to go and what to do would call me for a suggestion.

When I left D.C., I passed that "book" to Linds C. and focused on a Colorado one; filling it with new stuff as well as ideas I'd collected even as I lived in D.C.  The Colorado "book" also had ideas for restaurants, happy hours, cute boutiques, places to hike and other things Coloradans do...

And, since I expected to be living in Denver I had collected a lot of information about its different neighborhoods so I could know which one I'd love living in the most...

I just threw my collection out and have decided to let my subscription to Denver's 5280 magazine expire.  I'm never going to live in Denver.  Or Colorado.  

And I discovered a while back I no longer want to.  

I think I landed where I'm supposed to be.


  1. I think so, too. As they say, "grow where you are planted." It's fun looking at those things from a different phase, though, isn't it...before you throw them out! I've been doing that for a while now, since we're in a whole new phase of life...don't know what our next one is.

  2. As Garth Brooks would say "Some of God's greatest gifts are unanswered prayers."

  3. Oh, Kim. Awesome. To be so lucky! I am so glad you are feeling settled and happy!

  4. I'm happy you are in WY, but it's funny cause you were pretty adamant about not living in WY ever again because there was NOTHING for you there. Recall? ;)


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