November 21, 2009

North bound

Todd and I pulled into his mom’s place Friday afternoon after driving non-stop.

Our trip so far…

It’s really blurry, but here we go, crossing the state line!

The boys in the truck. At one point Rigby got half way over the seat and was stuck – he’s a little “reverse challenged.” I was laughing so hard I was crying!

The view from the back of Todd’s 4-wheeler as we head to a deer stand…

A mossy root I thought looked like a giant green caterpillar…

Todd needed to get his deer stand set up and ready for early morning hunting on Saturday. The guy he is hunting with didn’t show up early enough to help, so I was recruited. I sat in the stand checking for twigs or brush in the lines of site, and Todd went and cut them away if there were any.

Todd’s parent’s house as I drove the 4-wheeler back, leaving the men-folk in the woods…

Todd’s friend Shawn, who he’s hunting with, brought his dog out to the house. Asha and Rigby played hard…confession: Rigby got his butt whipped by a girl!

Apparently, Friday nights are fish fry nights throughout the state of Wisconsin. I had no idea. We went to this fun, divy little place down the road for a fish fry (or in our case we chose baked) dinner. (I ordered one piece fried so I could say I actually participated…)

Todd and Shawn in the wee morning hours getting ready for hunting. Todd is the one being a man

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  1. Hope Todd gets his deer, and that you all have a good week!


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