October 7, 2009

New roomie!

It's no secret how badly I've wanted a dog.


I've got one!

A few weeks ago my mom found a little black lab on the side of the road. She did due diligence - posting fliers, checking with the local vets and animal shelter to see if anyone was missing a pup - and nothing.

So, last Friday I drove to Omaha, Neb., to meet my mom at my sister's house and do the pick up.

He is SO sweet, and cute, and well-mannered! Someone taught this boy how to behave before they dumped him.

He's gotten in trouble a couple of times - once for eating a package of sliced cheese off the counter - and he doesn't listen worth a darn when there's another dog in sight, but overall he's pretty darn perfect!!

He's spent every day working in the field with Todd, and I take him for runs in the morning - which is awesome for me since I've fallen off the running bandwagon lately.

Without further ado, meet the newest addition to mine and Todd's home - and topic of discussion on the blog...



  1. Aw, hi Rigby, I miss you!

    Auntie Kelly

  2. How adorable! I love that you have a dog. Welcome to the dog owners club!

  3. Oooh, I forgot to mention that you should Netflix some Dog Whisperer DVDs. The man is a genius and totally transformed how I deal with my dog.

  4. Rigby!!! Hi, boy!!! I sure miss you, buddy. I'm glad you have two good parents now. If he was dumped, the owners are very stupid, and if he was lost, I feel very sorry for the owners. No one answered my posts or notices and info I left with the vets and animal shelter. As a matter of fact, I went to take down the post at one of the groceries, and someone had already taken it down, but other older stuff was still up....hmmmmmm. You are so loveable, Rigby. He loves people so much, he won't listen when he runs up to random people, and wants to greet them, and be pet. He looks so little here.

  5. Another funny note...the word verification on my last entry was POODE. Funny!


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