June 26, 2009

I-80 eye opener

I've come to the conclusion that the towns along the I-80 corridor in Wyoming get a bad rap.

Sure, they're not seated at the base of some majestic mountains. And yes, it might be dry and flat and empty...but really, my recent trip to Rawlins, Green River and Rock Springs wasn't so bad.

My CEO and I spent Wednesday and Thursday in this area for work looking at economic development projects my office has been in involved in. I was really quite surprised.

Rawlins has a cute little Main Street with an awesome coffee shop called Huckleberry's that serves up smoothies, coffee drinks, sandwiches, and delicious bagels from Wildflour in Lander. (I also toured the old state pen, which was very interesting - and very creepy at the same time!)

Rock Springs has a few good looking restaurants, and the Hampton Inn in Green River was super nice!

What really made me change my perspective on the area was the drive down Wild Horse Loop. I've never seen a wild horse and had images of witnessing a herd of snorting stallions galloping across the prairie filled my head. Nada.

Instead, what Bob and I did see was a breathtaking view of the valley. The landscape there is truly interesting and pretty. Take a look...

A view of the hills...

Note the mountains behind. Beautiful...

Ok, not related to mountains at all, but this was in a museum in Superior, Wyo., and I want one. Want.

Just a cool shot at dusk on the Wild Horse loop...
The next morning I decided to go on a walk up a trail v. going for a run. This is the view UP the trail...it was really that steep...

This is the view of what I had just climbed. I decided to turn back because I really didn't want to go down the hill on my butt...


  1. Wow! It seriously is so beautiful there.

    If that's the part that is NOT beautiful, I can't imagine how gorgeous the rest of it is.

  2. Your pictures are wonderful, Kimberly. I'm going to make a photo album just from your blog pictures sometime. I think there are some great towns in Wyoming, and they all are pretty interesting, with history. Your Dad has a lot of books about the West, when he first started going out with Amax lots of years ago...around 1977 as a matter of fact, Kimberly...good year, huh? I remember he always talked about the "puddle jumper" plane ride from Denver to Gillette. Then Gillette didn't have all the roads they have now. It was a lot different, and there wasn't much there, so he would search out the historical interests in the state. Wyoming is definitely unique and surprising. I still want to make my road trip to get my chairs from Gillette:)

  3. You're killing me with these pictures, Kimberly. I want to live in the West again SOOOO BAD!!


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