December 9, 2008

Pied Pepper

Corona Village in Laramie used to be an old stomping ground for me in college.

I'm not a big fan of Mexican food, but for a poor college student, Taco Tuesdays, with super cheap soft and hard shell tacos...and beer, was a (weekly) treat.

The place opened a second location in Laramie off Grand Ave. called Corona Village-Andale Rapido, or Corona Rapido for short. I tried it a while back with my friend Jonah and the only thing I could really focus on was the "art work" on the walls. Jonah had told me about the paintings, but they were much, MUCH funnier in person.

Linds, Nate, and the Unintentional Camper all said they've never really noticed these. How? How?? And how could you eat for laughing? I know I could barely manage.

Take a gander:


  1. No, no. You misquoted me. I've definitely noticed them. Filing them away in my brain, and having a belly laugh every time I think of them? That I didn't do. :) LH

  2. I know! They are just WEIRD. I kind of get creeped out by the peppers fondling the Coronas. Ewwww.....

  3. Yep. Every time... I just reread this post and I laughed again. They are just so funny!

  4. I think the pepper on the ground and the pepper grabbing what I can assume is a screaming taco is hilarious!
    Very 'Sears-oian'

  5. Thanks for the trip down memory lane...Taco Tuesday was such a blessing back in the day! I must check out Corona Rapido next time I am in Laramie!


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